About Attractive

Attractive Interactive

Attractive Interactive is a video game studio founded by three Swedish Master's students at Blekinge Institute of Technology in 2017. We strive to develop unique and interesting games for a wide market. Our first game is a level-creation game for mobile called Paper Game.

To boldly go...

We're not afraid to take risks. Exploring fresh new technologies like VR and AR, and using current tech in new ways are very attractive prospects for us, which is why our first game has an innovative analog component.

Team Attractive

Oscar Andersson

The jack of all trades. Has his fingers in many (low-calorie) pies, from accounting to web development to business development.

Favorite Seed: Sunflower

Ivar Björling

A happy guy with 'cravings' for programming, with an emphasis on 'tasty' graphics.

Favorite Duck: Scrooge McDuck

Pontus Björkberg

An experienced Unity developer who has caught the pitching fever and can't stop talking about what's happening at Attractive Interactive.

Favorite Vehicle: Unicycle

Thiago Alves

Making games and exploring the world in the process, from Brazil to Sweden. A game designer most likely to be found in the shadows avoiding the sun.

Favorite Color: Purple

Simon Hyltegård
Technical Art

A background of both programming and art, with a mission to learn and spread the word of sweet game feels. No game should be left alone, feeling clunky!

Favorite Exercise: Romanian Deadlift

Madison Renae
2D Art

An artist with a love of games from Dungeons and Dragons to Magic the Gathering, striving to be the best that no one ever was.

Favorite Class: Alchemist